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Consequential Election

1 Consequential Election!

One Consequential Election! This blog is hard to write yet, in some ways, it’s easy. Today’s world is full of such dichotomies, twists and turns, bittersweet ironies, and Shakespearean tragedy. “Expect the unexpected” is a rule of thumb now. Learned helplessness, depression, anxiety; they are experiences that are all too common, perhaps only topped by

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Paradise (re)Discovered

Paradise (re)Discovered Chapter 12 – Change. Moving on…

You’ve done the work. If you have followed along the past 11 weeks on our journey through Paradise (re)Discovered you’ve connected with your truest, authentic self. You’re ready to implement the change. But wait! It’s not so easy! Why? Listen for my take and for what you can do to live into your authentic self from this day forward!

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Dr Mark's Musings

Why is Authenticity Important, Anyway?

If you allow your authentic self to remain elusive, and you choose to instead live your life reasonably happy perhaps but in the shadow of well-meaning others who created you in their image — you abdicate the gifts that your authentic Self bear for you and for those around you. …

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