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Check out Dr Mark’s Transformational Tips Series for  Biopsychosocialspiritualenvironmental Self Care. Coronavirus might be a good excuse to get started, but this is about everyday living!

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My List of Things I'm NOT Going to Stop Doing when Coronavirus is But a Memory

If there’s a blessing in coronavirus, and I think there are many, it is that I’m reconnecting with the most important people, places, and things. My intention is that I will remember going forward that no matter what, these are the most important things. I will remember that there is always time to:

  • drink enough water
  • exercise even if I can’t get to the gym
  • catch up with movies and books
  • do “little things” around the house and yard that left undone quickly become big things
  • do casual check-ins with family and friends throughout the day
  • wonder what others might need and do something to see that they get it
  • BE in solitude
  • do things the best I can instead of waiting for the perfect time, place, or ingredients (“Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.” ~Robert Schuller)
  • be easy about life, all of it, for there is nothing more important than the experience of being alive

Basically, just doing the things that, even though important to me, I often say I don’t have time for – or, just plain neglect.

What’s on your list? Comment below!

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