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Most of us deal with anxiety in today's world. But fewer thrive in the face of everyday stress. Dr. Mark's quickly learned proven methods help you manage life's stressors and turn them into profoundly essential opportunities for growth!


Life is overwhelming for all of us, and it is easy to feel powerless. The natural response might be to withdraw; to take a break for a while. While it is a good strategy, we sometimes get stuck there, and what started as a healthy bit of detaching can begin to cause problems. Dr. Mark has been there! Learn how to access your response-ability easily. Deal with life from your place of empowerment! Sign up for a session and get started now!


Relationships are complex. By nature, you attract people into your life who bring both great joy and profound challenges. The more intense the partnership, the more challenging it can be. You can move on in anger or disappointment only to repeat old patterns, or you can evolve together and create a conscious relationship. Which do you choose?


Are you living your life into the full authenticity of who you are? It can be tough these days yet, at the same time, more accessible than ever. Old wounds get in the way of new growth until we unearth the opportunities and plant the seeds they sow. As a member of your community, Dr. Mark has a unique perspective that will help clear the weeds so you can blossom!

Life Transitions

Transition is one of life's blessings because it presents opportunities for transformation. While we all experience these shifts--deaths, births, relationships as they come and go, jobs, even health. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and in fear, the tendency is often to recreate old, more comfortable ways. To push forward, though, is to experience the world in a whole new way. That is where transformation lies! Are you ready for the journey?

COVID Challenges

COVID-19. What more can we say? "Coronaphobia" is real; everyone is essentially going through some degree of this right now. The coronavirus pandemic is literally impacting every person on the face of the planet. It has profoundly altered how we live and relate both to ourselves and others. And many of the changes are likely to persist for years to come. We face grief, anxiety, depression, disconnection and isolation, perhaps illness in ourselves or others, and even death. Compassion fatigue is increasingly relevant. When you reconnect with your authentic self moving forward can be much more comfortable, and the "new norm" rich with opportunity!

common questions

Therapy really doesn’t “work.” It’s a collaborative journey that we take together and I share with you what I have learned that helps people in your situation. The results are what you create in the process.

Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. This can vary based on your needs.

This varies based on your need and preference. Typically we start weekly for a few weeks at least, and then modify this with appointments scheduled at an interval that works best for you.

All information shared is HIPAA-protected and thus confidential in accordance with State and Federal laws, whichever is most restrictive. There are some legal exceptions to this, which are disclosed in our Consent to Virtual Psychotherapy form. While you must sign this to proceed with your first session, we are happy to provide for review at any time.

Appointments maybe scheduled and managed online, by phone at (505) 629-0821, or by reaching out via email in which case we will contact you for scheduling.

Sessions start at $120/50-minute session, which is calculated based on federal reimbursement rates. For specific pricing visit here.

In order to preserve your right to confidentiality and to determine your own course of therapy, we do not directly contract with any insurance company. If you have insurance and it allows for out-of-network providers, you may be able to submit for reimbursement on your own after payment for services. This will require formulating a diagnosis, which will then be entered into your insurance record.

This comes down to the relationship. There is never a committment to continue after we meet, even if you have prepaid a package. Full refund will be made for any unused sessions. Generally speaking, give it two sessions to decide; but, if even after the first session something feels “off,” listen to your gut and decide accordingly.

By the same token Dr Mark will be honest as well; If for any reason he feels that you would be better served elsewhere he will discuss this with you.

Like all other variables, this is ultimately up to you. Dr Mark will make individualized recommendations as you go, but you will make all final decisions.

All sessions are virtual via Webex HIPAA-secure video platform. This platform has video and phone-in options. Video is preferred and used most often.