Paradise (re)Discovered Chapter 7 – When Your Plate Is Overfull… It’s Time for a Smaller Plate!

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When Your Plate Is Overfull… It’s Time for a Smaller Plate!

We all get overwhelmed sometimes, and for many it’s all about over-committing, over-working, over-promising, and “over” any number of other things. It’s great to be passionate about what we do, but it can lead to big trouble real fast when we over-do it to the degree that we are totally consumed. When we’re consumed we lose our Self. When we lose our Self, we can’t show up. And when we can’t show up we’re wasting our time with whatever we’re doing and maybe the time of other important others as well. Tune in for a solution that works great for me; one that was hard-learned and hard-earned on my journey of Paradise (re)Discovered!

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Dr Mark Arcuri

Author. Speaker. Coach. at Transformational Life Guidance
Dr Mark Arcuri is an internationally recognized Author, Speaker, and Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. His mission is to connect with others in a variety of meaningful, creative, and spirited ways, allowing for transformational alignment leading to extraordinary growth and wellbeing!
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