Learn how to (re)Discover yourself and start a new chapter in your life. . .

Paradise (re)Discovered

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Dr Mark Arcuri
Unity Santa Fe

It all starts with YOU! - 11 July 2020

(re)Discover Who You Really Are!

Finding yourself can mean many things to many people. But it generally comes as a road to Damascus moment where you realise where you have been going wrong in your life and how to start going right again.

I want to help you to have your road to Damascus moment.

As children, we are born with a firm god-given sense of who we are. But as we get older and become caught up in the reality of everyday life in the modern world, we begin to lose our true selves little by little. Becoming just another sheep in the nearest flock.

As the years and the hardships of life chip away at our true identity, we just become another drone on the assembly line. We lose that unique character that once shone through. But all is not lost…

You also have a chance to rediscover your true self. I like to call being at one with our true selves the ultimate paradise, there is nothing more fulfilling. With that in mind, I have created “Paradise (re)Discovered”.

Highlights of this multi-modal program include:

    • The power of reconnecting with your authentic self
    • Identifying what about life is most meaningful to you
    • How to find authenticity in everyday life — especially the most mundane moments
    • How to redefine success, happiness, and love on your terms
    • Understanding the healing and profound transformation that comes with releasing the Self others have taught you to be, and how to do it
    • Building the emotional resilience for extreme fulfillment

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